Constitution and Bylaws

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Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ
Loomis, California

“A church called by Jesus to commit to eliminating injustice, bigotry and racism,
and to work for human rights and equality for all people.”

As amended at the Congregational Meeting, January 22, 2012


The name of this Church shall be Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ.



The Covenant by which this church exists as a distinct body and which every member accepts is as follows:

“Acknowledging Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Lord, accepting the Holy Scriptures as our rule of faith and practice and recognizing our privilege and duty of uniting in Christian Community, the enjoyment of Christian ordinances, the public worship of God and the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the world, we do now in the sight of God, and invoking God’s blessing, solemnly covenant and agree with each other to associate ourselves to a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ as warranted by the Word of God. We agree to maintain the institutions of the Gospel, submit ourselves to the orderly administration of the affairs of the Church and to walk together in love. This we do, depending upon the aid of God, the Creator of life, Jesus Christ, the one who shows us the way to life, and the Holy Spirit, the sustainer of life.”


Section I Autonomy of Church

The autonomy of this church is inherent and modifiable only by its own action.

Section 2 Definition of Terms

A. The term “Church” as used herein refers to the members of this church collectively.

B. The term “Conference” as used herein refers to the Northern California-Nevada Conference, United Church of Christ.

C. The term “Association” as used herein refers to the Sacramento Valley Association of this Conference.

D. The terms “Church Council” or “council” as used herein refer to the church council which is elected at the Annual Meeting and whose powers are defined at Article VII.


Section 3 Authority of Church

This church shall have final authority:

A. In the choosing of the Pastor(s).

B. In the dismissal of the Pastor(s).

C. In the election of the Church officers.

D. In the approving of the annual budget.

E. In the buying, selling, leasing or transferring of Church property.

Section 4 Affiliations

This church is part of the United Church of Christ (UCC) and shall sustain that relationship to the United Church of Christ described in those portions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the United Church of Christ, adopted July 4, 1961, and as from time to time amended, relating to local churches.

Section 5 Repayment of Mortgage

If for any reason the church shall vote to withdraw their membership from the United Church of Christ, the Conference will be repaid all mortgage amounts forgiven. If the property on King Road shall be sold for a profit, the conference will be repaid all mortgage amounts forgiven as set forth in Addendum 1.

Section 6 Authority of Council

Subject to the limitation imposed by the Articles of Incorporation and of the Constitution of the State of California as to action to be authorized or approved by the members, all corporate powers shall be exercised by, or under the authority of, a Church Council. The Church Council shall be mindful of the Covenant of this church and shall, in all cases, act within the requirements of this Constitution.

Section 7 Delegates

Lay delegates and an equal number of alternates shall be elected by the Church at its Annual Meeting to attend Conference and Association meetings of the United Church of Christ. Delegates elected to the Conference Annual Meeting may but need not be the same as those elected to the meetings of the Association. Delegates and alternates so chosen must be members of this Church during the year in which they serve and serve until their successor is elected or until they terminate their membership in the church. Delegates shall, in the most effective and democratic way possible, consult the membership as to its views on matters proposed to be acted upon at Conference and Association meetings. Vacancies in the position of Conference or Association delegate shall be filled by the Council.

Section 8 Council Membership

The Church Council shall consist of elected officers.

Section 9 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall be from January 1 to December 31.

Section 10 Requirements for Holding Elected Office.

All officers, board members, committee and ministry team chairs and delegates, and presidents of church organizations shall be members of the church.

Section 11 Meetings

All meetings of the Congregation, the Church Council, and the various boards, committees and ministry teams shall include prayer and shall stress thoughtful deliberation of church policy and appropriate study to keep the church mindful of its essential purpose, even throughout its temporal transactions. All meetings of the Church Council and the various boards, committees and ministry teams shall be open to all members, except as noted in the Bylaws.


Section 1 Qualifications

Any person, as specified in this section may become a member. Membership shall consist of persons thirteen (13) years of age and older.

Section 2 Acceptance Procedures

A person may become a member:

A. By presenting a satisfactory letter of transfer from another Christian church or by reaffirmation of faith or by confession of faith (and baptism, if not previously baptized)

B. Accepting the purpose and commitment of this Church.

C. Attending orientation meetings as designated by the Pastor(s) or Council, and

D. Attending a service or worship for the reception of members and signing the church membership rolls.

Section 3 Termination

Membership shall be terminated:

A. By the issuance of a letter of transfer to another Christian church upon the written request of the member.

B. By the issuance, upon written request of the member, of a certificate of good standing to another Christian church, which does not receive members by letter. Upon written request by a member that their relationship with this Church be terminated.

C. When a member dies, or

D. When after a period of two years the member’s address is unknown.


Section 4 Continuation of Membership

The Pastor, Clerk, Financial Secretary and at least two (2) other members shall yearly review the membership and attempt to locate and determine from long-absent members their wishes as to continuation of membership.


Section I Elected Officers

Elected officers are:

A. Moderator

B. Vice-Moderator

C. Clerk

D. Financial Secretary

E. Treasurer

F. Three (3) Council Members

Section 2 Appointment of Assistants to Council

The Council may appoint assistants as the business of the church may require. These assistants shall hold office, have authority, and perform duties as provided in the Constitution or as the Council may determine, but shall have no vote in the proceedings of the Council.

Section 3 Removal of Officer

Any officer may be removed from office at any time by a majority vote of the church membership.

Section 4 Vacancies

Vacancies in any elective office shall be filled as prescribed in this Constitution for elected offices or, in any case of assistants to officers, by the Council.

Section 5 Nomination of Officers

The officers shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee, with nominations from the floor permitted, and then elected by the Church as the annual meeting.

Section 6 Term of Office

The elected officers shall serve for two (2) years and/or until their successors are elected, except for Moderator and Vice-Moderator, who shall serve for one (1) year. The terns of office shall begin on February 1, following their election. They may serve no more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

Section 7 Number of Council Members

The number of Council members shall include five (5) Church officers, three (3) at-large members, and three (3) chairpersons or designated ministry representatives from the Board of Deacons, Children and Family Ministry, and Outreach Ministry.

Section 8 Duties of Moderator

The Moderator shall:

A. Be the lay lead of the Church and President of the corporation

B. Preside at all business meetings

C. Coordinate the efforts of the committees

D. Be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee

E. Upon a vacancy in an elected office, notify the Nominating committee to recommend a candidate to the Council.

F. Prepare an annual report and collect reports from church officers and committees.

G. Inform the congregation in the monthly newsletter or public announcement of the transaction and votes of the Council.

Section 9 Duties of Vice-Moderator

The Vice-Moderator shall:

A. Serve as assistant to the Moderator.

B. Perform the Moderator’s duties, in the absence of the Moderator.

C. Become the Moderator when that office becomes vacant.

D. Serve as liaison between committees and the Council.

Section 10 Duties of the Clerk

The Clerk shall:

A. Be secretary of the corporation.

B. Maintain a complete record of all business meetings of the Council and the Church.

C. Present these records for approval by the appropriate body.

D. Maintain a dated list of the members of the Church, and of the administrations, terminations, baptisms and deaths of the members.

E. Handle the correspondence of the Church as designated by the Council.

F. Issue notice of all meetings.

Section 11 Duties of the Financial Secretary

Financial Secretary shall:

A. Keep records of all monies pledged and received for support of the Church, or any of its committees, and make monthly reports to the Council.

B. Make annual reports of pledge payments and other contributions by the members.

C. Collect and deposit, in an approved financial institution, all monies received.

Section 12 Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

A. Keep records of bank deposits and checks.

B. Pay out monies for approved budget items and other items when authorized by the

C. Church and/or Church Council.

D. Forward all monies, and designated benevolences to appropriate agencies.

E. Make monthly reports of all receipts and expenses to Council and/or Church.

F. Prepare all books and accounts for auditing before the annual meeting.



All Boards, Ministry Teams and Committees shall schedule regular meetings, at any interval, which supports and facilitates their work. Meetings shall be called by the chair of each body who shall give at least a one (1) week notice, and who shall provide a written agenda with the call to the meeting.

A. A quorum for any Board, Ministry Team or Committee shall be at least one-half (l/2) of the body’s total number of voting members. All decisions shall be by majority affirmative vote.

B. All Boards, Ministry Teams, Committees shall hold their first meetings during the first month after the Annual Meeting where members of the Boards, Ministry Teams and Committees are elected.

C. Board, Ministry Teams and Committees, which administer their own budgets, shall prepare a projected budget for the upcoming program year. They will submit this proposed budget for deliberation by the Board of Trustees no later than one (1) month prior to the Budget Meeting.

D. At their first meeting, each Board and Ministry Team shall elect a recording secretary. The recording secretary will keep accurate and detailed minutes of the deliberations and actions of each body, and send them to the Pastor, Moderator, church Clerk, and all Board and Team members within one (1) week of the meeting. A member selected by the Church Council shall fill any vacancy among the elected positions of the Church.

E. Should a member of any body of the Church fail to attend at least 60% of that body’s regular meetings during any (6) six-month period, that member shall be deemed to have resigned. The vacancy must be reported at the next meeting of the Church Council. N

F. No later than (I) month prior to the Annual Meeting, the chair of all Boards, Ministry Teams, Committees and Auxiliary Organizations of the Church shall submit to the Church Clerk an annual written report summarizing the activities of their group for the past year.

G. The Church Council shall determine any questions, which may arise with respect to the execution or interpretation of this Constitution and Bylaws.

H. All meetings of the Church, Boards, Ministry Teams and Committees shall be conducted in compliance with parliamentary procedure as specified in Roberts’ Rules of Order.


Section 1 Worship Services

Public religious services shall be held each Sunday, unless otherwise determined by the Council. Communion shall be administered at least six (6) times each year.

Section 2 Location of Meetings

All official meetings of the members shall be held on Church property, or where designated by the Council.

Section 3 Congregational Meetings

Congregational meetings may be called by the Moderator or Church Councilor by written request of any ten (10) members of the Church.
Section 4 Annual Congregational Meeting
An Annual Meeting shall be held on the second Sunday of January at which time the members shall:

A. Elect open positions on the Church Council, lay and alternate delegates to the Northern California-Nevada UCC Conference and Sacramento Valley Association meetings for the ensuing year, and open position son all elected Ministry Teams and Committees, as specified in Articles VIII, IX, X and XI in this Constitution.

B. Adopt the budget for the ensuing fiscal year.

C. Receive and consider a financial report in compliance with the provision of the California Corporations Code.

D. Receive and consider the appropriate officers’ reports for the Church’s Annual Report.

E. Receive and consider the final audit report.

F. Transact such other business as may properly be brought before the meeting.

Section 5 Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting

A Semi-Annual Meeting of the Congregation shall be held on the second Sunday in June, at which time the members shall:

A. Receive and consider a financial report.

B. Transact such other business as may properly be brought before the meeting.

Section 6 Notice of Congregational Meeting

Notice of every congregational meeting shall be announced to members at least two weeks in advance of the meeting, shall specify the place, the day and the hour of the meeting, and the general nature of any special business to be transacted.

Section 7 Quorum

A quorum for the transaction of business for any called congregational meeting shall consist of a number of members equal to 15% of the active members.

Section 8 Special Meetings of the Council

Special meetings of the Church Council shall be called by the Moderator or, if she/he is absent, unable, or refuses to act, by the Vice-Moderator, or by any four (4) Council members. Forty-eight (48) hours prior notice must be given.


Section 1 Ministerial Standing and Termination of Ministerial Position

The Pastor shall serve the Church in a professional capacity:

A. Only as long as Ministerial Standing is maintained within the Sacramento Valley Association of the Northern California-Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ.

B. At the pleasure of the Church. If a change is desired by either party, the one desiring the change shall give the other ninety (90) days’ notice in writing, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Section 2 Duties

A. Be a member of the congregation.

B. Be in charge of the spiritual welfare of the Church.

C. Preach the Word, administer the sacraments, and conduct services of public worship.

D. Oversee, with the Church council, all church organizations and committees.

E. Be ex-officio member of all Church organizations and committees except the Nominating committee, or committee which meets concerning the Pastor’s relationship to the church.

F. Minister to persons in the congregation as well as to persons in the community.

G. Attend meetings of the Church Council and congregation.

H. Supervise Church staff.

Section 3 Guidelines for Taking Leave

The Pastor shall receive an annual vacation leave of four (4) weeks at full pay. This leave need not be scheduled all at one time. At least two (2) weeks’ notice shall be given for each segment of this leave to allow for the scheduling of pulpit supply. Study leave and sabbatical leave, if any, shall be as negotiated at the time that the Pastor is called.

Section 4 Ethics

The Pastor shall be expected to evince good moral and ethical character. Any coercive or exploitive sexual contact or any other moral or ethical lapse by the Pastor(s) with parishioners / clients in a professional relationship shall be addressed as follows:

A. Allegations of any such violation of professional ethics that may have any validity, or that may be multiple in nature, will be immediately referred to the Moderator. In addition to any legal reporting required by the State of California and/or local governing agencies, the Church Moderator will contact the Conference to seek support and assistance in investigating and adjudicating this matter. The Conference will immediately initiate an investigation as stipulated by the Policy on Sexual Harassment as adopted in September, 1987.

B. The Council, following consultation with the Conference, shall immediately place the Pastor on paid leave, without prejudice, pending resolution of such charges. This can be done in conjunction with, or independent of, related Conference action.

C. One of the church’s first concerns if for the support, welfare, and protection of the complainants and immediate prevention of further possible abuses to others. Equally important is the need for the accused Pastor(s) to have an opportunity for a fair hearing. If the accused is found guilty, but is penitent, the Church shall support a petition for treatment and rehabilitation.

D. These policies and procedure will be communicated with maximum candor and caring to the whole congregation. (All necessary information can be found in the “Supplement and Appendices of the Northern California-Nevada Conference to the VCC Manual on the Ministry,” pages 91-92).

Section 5 Procedures for Filling Vacancy of Ministerial Position

In event of a vacancy in the position of Pastor, the following procedures shall be followed:

A. The Council shall appoint a search committee for an interim pastor (Interim Committee) and a Search Committee for a permanent pastor (permanent Committee). The make-up of the Permanent Committee shall follow the guidelines of the Conference.

B. The Interim Committee, acting with the Conference office, shall secure pulpit supply until an Interim Pastor is called.

C. The Interim Committee, working with the Conference office, shall review profiles of available ministers and recommend a suitable candidate to the Council. The Council, if they approve of the candidate, shall negotiate a contact and hire the candidate. If the Council cannot negotiate a contract with the candidate, the matter is returned to the interim committee for selection of another candidate.

D. The interim pastor may not seek the position of Pastor unless he/she has resigned and has not been in contact with the Church for six months.

E. The Permanent Committee, acting with the Conference, shall determine the needs and preferences of the Congregation and the resources available to compensate a pastor. With this information the Permanent Committee shall define the Church’s profile and file this profile with the Conference and begin reviewing profiles of candidates for the position. When a suitable candidate is found, the Permanent Committee shall recommend the candidate to the Council. The Council, if they approve of the candidate, shall present the candidate to the congregation at a special meeting of the congregation at which time the congregation shall vote on the candidate. If the candidate secures a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members present, he/she shall be hired.


Section 1 Duties

The Council shall:

A. Meet each month with a quorum requirement of a majority of the Council

B. Be made up of the elected officers of the church.

C. Transact business of the church.

D. Permit any member of the Church to attend the meetings of the Council, without vote except attendance may be limited at the discretion of the Council, when personnel matters are being considered.

E. Fill vacancies of elected officers, ministry teams and committees from candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee, effective until the next Annual Meeting.

F. Select, and with the Pastor(s), supervise the Christian Education Director, the Music Director, and the organist.

G. Appoint the Nominating Committee in time to provide an election slate at the Annual Meeting.

H. Oversee Church organizations, ministry teams, and committees in conjunction with the Pastor.

I. Appoint Search Committees when there is a pastoral vacancy.

J. Be responsible for hiring, dismissal and terms of employment of Church staff, except for Pastor(s).

K. Supervise the employment of the Pastor(s).



The Board of Deacons is a group of church members who serve as lay leaders with the pastor in nurturing spiritual relationships with God in the church family. This leadership role of the Deacons falls into three (3) areas of responsibility: worship, membership and spiritual growth and ministry.


A. To assist the pastor in the planning of worship, as needed.

B. To provide leadership during worship.

C. To assist the pastor in the service of the sacraments of baptism and communion.

D. To assist the pastor, as requested, with funeral services.

E. To review the church marriage policy with the pastor.

F. To arrange for pulpit supply if the pastor is unable to do this.

G. To arrange for the provision of acolytes, greeters, ushers, bell ringers and scripture readers. If needed, to distribute all flowers remaining after regular or special services to the sick or shut in.

H. To enhance the worship environment by arranging for and/or providing hospitality in greeting before worship and fellowship after worship.


A. To maintain and renew relationships with members and friends of the church.

B. To establish relationships with prospective members and with new members of the church

Spiritual Growth and Ministry:

A. To work with the pastor to create opportunities for nurturing the spiritual growth of church members and friends

B. To assist the pastor in providing pastoral care for the Church community, including visiting the sick and shut in and caring for the needy

The Board of Deacons shall consist of ten (10) members of the Church and all honorary life members. Deacons shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Church. Deacons shall serve for two (2) years with half of the committee and any vacancies elected each year.

A young person, who has completed confirmation and is a member of the Church, may be elected to the Deacons for one (1) year. If a young person is elected, one of the Deacons will be given the responsibility of mentoring him/her during his/her term of office. He/she will be expected to meet the responsibilities assigned to him/her and to attend no less three (3) meetings during the year, which is an exception to the Bylaws for required attendance of a member holding office.


The Board of Trustees shall:

A. Consist of seven (7) members elected at large from the Congregation at the Annual Meeting of the church, with one member acting as chairman. The members of the board will be elected annually. The Treasurer shall serve on the Board of Trustees without vote.

B. Have oversight of all buildings, grounds, contracts investments, insurance, long range planning and implementation, money management, investments, endowments and all other financial matters of the church, in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws, for the support and maintenance of the Church.

C. Prepare an annual operating budget for the Church for presentation to, and adoption by, the Congregation at the Annual Meeting. During the year, the Board may temporarily authorize expenditures by the Treasurer in excess of any individual item in the budget and report the matter promptly at the next meeting of the Church Council. Expenditures may not exceed the total budget without the prior approval of the Congregation.

D. Bring their proposed budget to the Council for recommendations before it is presented at the Annual Meeting for adoption. In addition, the Board of Trustees shall bring any recommendations for changes in policies or practices related to money management to the Council for approval. The Board shall carry out any changes that the Council approves.

E. Without the specific consent of the Congregation, the Board shall not expend or in any way dispose of the funds of the Church, to incur debts, or to lease or transfer any real estate.

F. Meet regularly each month, and special meetings may be called as provided for by the Board. Under the direction of the Church and except as otherwise provided, the Board of Trustees shall have the care and custody of the property of the Church and charge of its financial affairs subject of the laws of the State of California.

G. Approve all uses of Church buildings or properties for purposes not specified or covered by these Bylaws, except that weddings and funerals may be scheduled at the discretion of the Pastor, provided such events do not conflict with any scheduled use of the church facilities by the congregation.


Section 1 Ministry Teams

The following Ministry Teams shall be elected at the January Annual Meeting

A. Children and Family Ministry Team

B. Outreach Ministry Team


Section 2 Children and Family Ministry Team

The Children and Family Ministry Team shall:

A. Consist of one (1) chair (or co-chairs) and four (4) at-large members (or three at-large members in the event co-chairs are elected) for two (2) year terms, with half of the Team and with any vacancies elected each year. The chair may appoint additional members as found necessary, but only elected members may serve on the Council in the absence of the chair.

B. With the guidance of the Pastor, supervise and direct the total Christian Education Program of the Church, including Sunday school and Youth and Adult Christian Education.

C. Select the curriculum of the church school program.

D. Recruit and train teachers for Sunday school and Vacation Bible School.

E. In conjunction with the Youth Director organize and administer fellowship activities and mission trips for youth, and in conjunction with the Outreach Ministry Team organize and administer mission trips for children.

F. In conjunction with the Pastor, conduct a yearly evaluation of the Youth Director.

G. Serve as the nucleus of a committee to fill the Youth Director position when appropriate. This committee shall make a nomination to the Council, which will vote on the hiring.

H. Keep parents informed of what their children are learning in Sunday school.

Section 3 Outreach Ministry Team

The Outreach Ministry Team shall:

A. Be comprised of one chair (or co-chairs) and three (3) members at large (or two (2) members at large in the event that co-chairs are elected) for a two-year term with half of the Team and with any vacancies elected each year. The Chair may appoint additional members as found necessary but only elected members may serve on the Council in the absence of the Chair.

B. In cooperation with the Council, be responsible for defining and implementing social outreach and justice concerns.

C. Have the Chairperson or designated Ministry representative attend all Council meetings.

D. Promote and supervise the mission of the Church in the world by informing the congregation about the United Church of Christ’s charitable and mission activities, plan the Church’s participation in these activities, and solicit the necessary support.

E. Appoint a coordinator for short-term outreach and mission events, such as the CROP Walk. The coordinator will attend meetings related to the outreach and mission event and coordinate his/her efforts with the Outreach Ministry Team. The coordinator may appoint additional members as found necessary to help the event.


Section 1 Standing Committees

The Church Council shall appoint the following standing committees.

A. Audit

B. Nominating

C. Pastoral Relations

D. Publicity

Section 2 Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall:

A. Shall consist of no less than one (1) nor more than three (3) members of the Church. Council members, except the Treasurer and Financial Secretary, may be included in this committee.

B. Audit the books of the Treasurer at the close official year.

C. Make a written report of its finding and submit for inclusion in the annual report to be presented at the January Annual Meeting.


Section 3 Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall:

A. Consist of no more than five (5) members of the congregation and shall be appointed in sufficient time to assure a full slate of nominations for the Annual Meeting.

B. Prepare, and submit for inclusion in the annual report, a tentative slate of candidates to fill the vacant positions of elected officers, lay delegates and alternates, elected committees, and Honorary Life Members to the Board of Deacons.

C. Submit a slate to membership at its Annual Meeting.

D. Recommend to the Council candidates to fill vacancies on any committees which occur during the year.


Section 4 Pastoral Relations Committee (i.e., Parish-Staff Relations Committee)

The Pastoral Relations Committee shall:

A. Be appointed by the Council and consist of one (1) chair and three (3) members-at-large. The committee members shall serve two (2) year terms with half of the committee and any vacancies elected each year.

B. Be the liaison between the Pastor and the Church, addressing areas of concern and keeping relations open and clear.

C. Conduct an annual evaluation of the Pastor’s services.

D. If necessary, recommend to the Council the dismissal of the Pastor.

E. Meet at least quarterly.

Section 5 Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee shall:

A. Coordinate with other Church and community events.

B. Be responsible for publicizing events and activities as appropriate.


Section 1. Establishment.

Loomis Basin Congregational Church shall create and maintain Second Blessings, a thrift store, for the intention of raising money for the purpose of low cost day care services.

Section 2. Administration.

The shop shall be administered by a committee of three (3) members of the church and approved by the church Council.

Section 3. Expenses.

Necessary office expenses in conducting the work of the shop shall be paid from an account held by Second Blessings.

Section 4. Annual Report.

The members of the committee shall report annually to the Council an accounting of the finances of Second Blessings after it has been audited by the Board of Trustees.

Section 5. Disposition of the Shop.

If due to a reasonable cause, it is determined by a three-fourths vote of the congregation at an annual meeting or at a special meeting that the project shall be discontinued, all the assets of Second Blessings shall be applied to the General Fund of the church after all debts have been paid.


The Church Council shall form Ad Hoc Committees as necessary with such powers as it may delegate. Such committees shall be appointed to address a one-time task and shall be discharged by the Council when the task has been completed.


Any matter not covered by the provisions of this constitution or by the California Corporations Code shall be governed by “Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised”.


Section I Amendment Procedures

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at the Annual Meeting, or at a congregational meeting called for that purpose, a minimum of a two (2) week notice having been given and the proposed amendments having been inserted in the call and/or posted in the sanctuary.

Section 2 Amendments Recorded

Amendments shall be recorded as a section of this Article until the Constitution is revised.

Adopted on ______________________________________
Pastor ______________________________________
Moderator ______________________________________