Board of Deacons

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The Board of Deacons is a group of church members who serve as lay leaders with the pastor in nurturing spiritual relationships with God in the church family. This leadership role of the Deacons falls into three (3) areas of responsibility: worship, membership and spiritual growth and ministry.
A. To assist the pastor in the planning of worship, as needed.
B. To provide leadership during worship.
C. To assist the pastor in the service of the sacraments of baptism and communion.
D. To assist the pastor, as requested, with funeral services.
E. To review the church marriage policy with the pastor.
F. To arrange for pulpit supply if the pastor is unable to do this.
G. To arrange for the provision of acolytes, greeters, ushers, bell ringers and scripture readers. If needed, to distribute all flowers remaining after regular or special services to the sick or shut in.
H. To enhance the worship environment by arranging for and/or providing hospitality in greeting before worship and fellowship after worship.

A. To maintain and renew relationships with members and friends of the church.
B. To establish relationships with prospective members and with new members of the church
Spiritual Growth and Ministry:
A. To work with the pastor to create opportunities for nurturing the spiritual growth of church members and friends
B. To assist the pastor in providing pastoral care for the Church community, including visiting the sick and shut in and caring for the needy

The Board of Deacons shall consist of ten (10) members of the Church and all honorary life members. Deacons shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Church. Deacons shall serve for two (2) years with half of the committee and any vacancies elected each year.
A young person, who has completed confirmation and is a member of the Church, may be elected to the Deacons for one (1) year. If a young person is elected, one of the Deacons will be given the responsibility of mentoring him/her during his/her term of office. He/she will be expected to meet the responsibilities assigned to him/her and to attend no less three (3) meetings during the year, which is an exception to the Bylaws for required attendance of a member holding office.