Board of Trustees

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The Board of Trustees shall:
A. Consist of seven (7) members elected at large from the Congregation at the Annual Meeting of the church, with one member acting as chairman. The members of the board will be elected annually. The Treasurer shall serve on the Board of Trustees without vote.
B. Have oversight of all buildings, grounds, contracts investments, insurance, long range planning and implementation, money management, investments, endowments and all other financial matters of the church, in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws, for the support and maintenance of the Church.
C. Prepare an annual operating budget for the Church for presentation to, and adoption by, the Congregation at the Annual Meeting. During the year, the Board may temporarily authorize expenditures by the Treasurer in excess of any individual item in the budget and report the matter promptly at the next meeting of the Church Council. Expenditures may not exceed the total budget without the prior approval of the Congregation.
D. Bring their proposed budget to the Council for recommendations before it is presented at the Annual Meeting for adoption. In addition, the Board of Trustees shall bring any recommendations for changes in policies or practices related to money management to the Council for approval. The Board shall carry out any changes that the Council approves.
E. Without the specific consent of the Congregation, the Board shall not expend or in any way dispose of the funds of the Church, to incur debts, or to lease or transfer any real estate.
F. Meet regularly each month, and special meetings may be called as provided for by the Board. Under the direction of the Church and except as otherwise provided, the Board of Trustees shall have the care and custody of the property of the Church and charge of its financial affairs subject of the laws of the State of California.
G. Approve all uses of Church buildings or properties for purposes not specified or covered by these Bylaws, except that weddings and funerals may be scheduled at the discretion of the Pastor, provided such events do not conflict with any scheduled use of the church facilities by the congregation.