Children and Family Ministry Team

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The Children and Family Ministry Team shall:

A. Consist of one (1) chair (or co-chairs) and four (4) at-large members (or three at-large members in the event co-chairs are elected) for two (2) year terms, with half of the Team and with any vacancies elected each year. The chair may appoint additional members as found necessary, but only elected members may serve on the Council in the absence of the chair.

B. With the guidance of the Pastor, supervise and direct the total Christian Education Program of the Church, including Sunday school and Youth and Adult Christian Education.

C. Select the curriculum of the church school program.

D. Recruit and train teachers for Sunday school and Vacation Bible School.

E. In conjunction with the Youth Director organize and administer fellowship activities and mission trips for youth, and in conjunction with the Outreach Ministry Team organize and administer mission trips for children.

F. In conjunction with the Pastor, conduct a yearly evaluation of the Youth Director.

G. Serve as the nucleus of a committee to fill the Youth Director position when appropriate. This committee shall make a nomination to the Council, which will vote on the hiring.

H. Keep parents informed of what their children are learning in Sunday school.