Church Council

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Section 1 Duties

The Council shall:

A. Meet each month with a quorum requirement of a majority of the Council

B. Be made up of the elected officers of the church.

C. Transact business of the church.

D. Permit any member of the Church to attend the meetings of the Council, without vote except attendance may be limited at the discretion of the Council, when personnel matters are being considered.

E. Fill vacancies of elected officers, ministry teams and committees from candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee, effective until the next Annual Meeting.

F. Select, and with the Pastor(s), supervise the Christian Education Director, the Music Director, and the organist.

G. Appoint the Nominating Committee in time to provide an election slate at the Annual Meeting.

H. Oversee Church organizations, ministry teams, and committees in conjunction with the Pastor.

I. Appoint Search Committees when there is a pastoral vacancy.

J. Be responsible for hiring, dismissal and terms of employment of Church staff, except for Pastor(s).

K. Supervise the employment of the Pastor(s).