Outreach Ministry Team

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The Outreach Ministry Team shall:

A. Be comprised of one chair (or co-chairs) and three (3) members at large (or two (2) members at large in the event that co-chairs are elected) for a two-year term with half of the Team and with any vacancies elected each year. The Chair may appoint additional members as found necessary but only elected members may serve on the Council in the absence of the Chair.

B. In cooperation with the Council, be responsible for defining and implementing social outreach and justice concerns.

C. Have the Chairperson or designated Ministry representative attend all Council meetings.

D. Promote and supervise the mission of the Church in the world by informing the congregation about the United Church of Christ’s charitable and mission activities, plan the Church’s participation in these activities, and solicit the necessary support.

E. Appoint a coordinator for short-term outreach and mission events, such as the CROP Walk. The coordinator will attend meetings related to the outreach and mission event and coordinate his/her efforts with the Outreach Ministry Team. The coordinator may appoint additional members as found necessary to help the event.