Second Blessings (Thrift Shop)

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Section 1. Establishment.

Loomis Basin Congregational Church shall create and maintain Second Blessings, a thrift store, for the intention of raising money for the purpose of low cost day care services.


Section 2. Administration.


The shop shall be administered by a committee of three (3) members of the church and approved by the church Council.


Section 3. Expenses.

Necessary office expenses in conducting the work of the shop shall be paid from an account held by Second Blessings.


Section 4. Annual Report.

The members of the committee shall report annually to the Council an accounting of the finances of Second Blessings after it has been audited by the Board of Trustees.


Section 5. Disposition of the Shop.

If due to a reasonable cause, it is determined by a three-fourths vote of the congregation at an annual meeting or at a special meeting that the project shall be discontinued, all the assets of Second Blessings shall be applied to the General Fund of the church after all debts have been paid.